Indie Excellence Book Awards Winner

Waiting for Thunder

About the Book

What woman hasn't fantasized about galloping off into the sunset with a cowboy like the Marlboro Man? In Sybil Raney’s engaging novel, Waiting for Thunder, Ann MacMann does just that when she gives up the glitter of her life, career, and rich fiancé in L.A. to start a dude ranch with Thunder, the cowboy she meets on a fateful trip home to the favorite place of her youth, the Texas Hill Country, where Ann buys the Shooting Star Ranch. But, instead of the blissful ride into the sunset with Thunder that Ann had imagined, she's bucked into a wild ride of unforeseen trials, tribulations, and town secrets. When fantasy meets reality, Ann and Thunder struggle with their differences to keep their love and dream of the ranch alive with the help, and hindrance, of the colorful inhabitants of Dry Creek. Written with wit and authenticity, Waiting for Thunder is a funny, poignant, and original romantic page-turner with heart.